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We take a holistic approach to formulate the enterprise digital transformation and cloud adoption strategy in–line with your business needs at optimized cost and time without compromising on security and compliance standards.

Technical Excellence!

Cloud Migration

Digital transformation can be a real challenge! We assist you in migrating workloads and processes to the cloud and take advantage of cloud benefits, such as scalability and flexibility. Each migration has a detailed design, checklists and templates to ensure data security and compliance in the cloud.

Business Expertise!

Process and Systems

Taking advantage of Cloud-native tools we help you optimise systems for cost, availability, responsiveness, security etc. using the latest cloud tools and technology.

Using latest technology, you can reinvent your business, delight your customers and discover new revenue streams.

Peace of Mind!

Managed Services!

Concentrate on your core business! We take the responsibility of day to day IT operations, management and administration.

Build with Excellence!

Well-Architected Review

As an AWS Well-Architected Program Partner, CloudStraight can execute WAF reviews and help build strategies to help you compare your workload against AWS best practices, and obtain guidance to produce stable and efficient systems so you can focus on innovation and business growth.